Forms Processing

Automated data capture from forms using the digital process

The forms processing can be seen as the operational development of conventional data entry system - typing. You can use any kind of forms, including manuscripts.
To implement this new way to extract data from papers and documents no change in the current system is not required. The advantages of this process will increase the possibilities allowing better control and significant advances in both the speed and the quality of the data.
The system allows redesigning the forms with their own identifiers that help in reading and image positioning. This is done with character recognition OCR / ICR that can be filled by hand or machine, as well as check marks (OMR) with boxes or circles and even typing through the image of the form. This entire process is combined with checking the data in real time, meaning that the extent to which the verifier will hit read failures or possible inconsistencies identified in the system database will be fed exclusively correct data.
In the end, the scanned images now are called and are automatically indexed and can be retrieved at any time.

key Benefits

  • Up to 99.99% confidence Index
  • Ability to redesign the form
  • Increase by 80% the speed of reading
  • Reduction or elimination of paper handling
  • Manuscripts Recognition
  • Easy reconfiguration of the fields in the form
  • Check all data
  • Managed Quality Control
  • Allows ECM integration
  • Allows Workflow integration

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Forms processing goes beyond the database capture. Forms processing, not only encompasses a process of recognition, but also helps to manage the complete lifecycle of documents, beginning from document scanning for data extraction, and often to delivery in a system back-end. In some cases, may also include compilation or generate well formatted results by means of calculations and analysis. An automated forms processing system is the best solution if there is a need to process hundreds or thousands of images every day.