Enterprise Content Management

No matter volume, the GDC has the solution for your documents

GDC is a national provider of document scanning services. Our company converts paper documents (paper, X-rays Microfiche, / film, etc.) into digital documents at high speed and with absolute precision.
The services provided by GDC for document conversion are delivered through a proprietary methodology called "SecurPaper".
SecurPaper is an independent series of steps on a platform which vary based on the project requirements. However, the process typically includes the following methodology:

Documents inventory
Safe shipping information
Allows the customer can track the shipping via GPS
Preparation of documents
Scanning documents up to 200 pages per minute or more
100% image quality check
Document indexing coding or marking
Data verification
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
File creation (PDF, TIFF, etc.) with the metadata load scripts
Delivery to customer review
Customer returned files, can be stored or destroyed

In many cases, the document scanning process is modified according to the customer's specifications and needs identified during the definitions of design guidelines.
The cornstones of GDC are quality, efficiency and performance. Our experienced team of professionals understands that it is always an opportunity to learn about upcoming projects and provide meaningful feedback. The GDC is awaiting the submission of a proposal and earn your business.