GDC has a lot of experience in various market segments, allowing us opportunities and new challenges for solutions.
We develop innovative solutions tailored to your needs and for a specific function.
The division responsible for generating information from the collected and provided data, helps to build the intelligence of your business.


  • Warranty Registration Keep track of your customers [...]
  • Testing and Assessments We use the Enhanced OMR technology. [...]
  • Invoice Processing Collecting data from non-forms. [...]
  • Comment cards Get to know your custmomers reaction. [...]

The New Concept of Fast Software

GDC has the super-productive method to solve the obstacles of the day-by-day tasks.
Inside your company you come across several times with situations where you need to make a task repeatedly and have the impression that a single tool can do it much more easily. GDC has the right process to create this tool.

Understanding the problem. The first step is to understand the process that will be automated.
Evaluating solutions. The GDC software consulting team will show the best solutions.
Applying in practice. With the routine code ready, put into practice and analyze the results.
Improving performance. Customer feedback provides us a way to adjust the routine.