Professional Data Entry

Outsourcing backoffice activities to GDC is cheaper and realiable

In the corporate environment, we often find several documents that need a special treatment to collect data from it. Some of them are forms with fields in fixed positions and that allow us to use forms processing software in order to capture the information more easily, faster. Some other forms or documents are unstructured and the information are all over the area, so it is hard to create an automated system to input all this data.
For the hard ones, GDC can offer data entry services, with very qualified professionals, supported by in-house developed tools in order to increase the keying performance. Data entry is a time consuming task so GDC has put its efforts to improve work conditions and the result is the quality gain and performance.
In addition, we created specific key-from-image software that provides the right workflow to the operators and total control for managers. In the end, the scanned images now are called and are automatically indexed and can be retrieved at any time.

You can choose your service level

  • Double Key
  • Overnight Turnaround
  • On-Shore only - USA workforce
  • Off-Shore only - International workforce
  • Mixed workforce
  • Key & Capture
  • Key and Validation
  • Key over your platform
  • Allows ECM integration
  • Allows Workflow integration

This is the major workflow guideline

Choose your application, GDC brings the solution

Healthcare Education Finance Pharmaceutical Conferences and Seminars
Patient Health Risk Assessments Testing and Assessments Real Estate Appraisals Clinical Research Forms - CRF's Conference Evaluations
Patient Questionnaires Class Evaluations Contracts and Agreements Indexing for Content Management Session Evaluations
Encounter Forms & Charge Tickets Student Registration Credit Applications Study Participant Signups Conference Registration Forms
Accreditation Graduate Studies Invoice Processing Session Registration Forms

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