One important category of GDC services refers to data processing and analysis to reporting. Our experienced team working in research is with customers to produce insightful analysis, dynamic reports ready for you to share with the people who matter. We can deliver results in a variety of formats, including Word, Powerpoint, PDF, SPSS, CSV or if you are a user of another survey software in a fully formatted file.

Preparing a set of high-quality data

This is good practice to clean up your data, especially if you offered an incentive to increase response rates. We can eliminate any bias or invalid responses.

Key benefits

  • Gain control on the quality of the product with the test results in real-time reporting, monitoring and analysis that allows you to know what was tested and what still needs to be done
  • Improve the standardization of the test, re-use and revision control using a centralized test library
  • Increase the productivity of your team with the input reduced data set test interfaces, and process automation
  • Ensure the ultimate responsibility for all test phases with detailed histories of test cases, data and test results

Are you ready for a effective solution?

GDC, established in 1998, has helped dozens of companies with the transition of moving from inefficient paper filing systems based on fully digital document archiving environments. For companies like yours that are currently using valuable office space to store files closed, GDC has created a unique service offering that will free up expensive office space, increasing efficiency and security for your business. This new program, called DOCSHELTER PAPER PLUS is designed so that your company will no longer need to store files.

If your company fits certain criteria for the program, GDC is offering to pick up and store all files being stored in his office at no cost to your company. Going forward, GDC will scan and host the files on a secure site, DOCSHELTER. For each new file box, GDC scans and hosts a box of old files.

What does it mean? You no longer need to take up valuable office space to store files and all your files become digital, at no cost to the company.

Our services include:

  • Handling:. GDC will provide right boxes for shipping
  • Collection:. Company will pick up boxes in the office or place indicated by the client
  • Indexing:. Each file will be indexed in the main folder and sub-index in the subfolder level or level of partition
  • Document Preparation. All items like paper clips, staples, folds removed files before scanning
  • Scan:. All documents are scanned at 300dpi in text searchable PDF or other nominee
  • Total Quality Assurance:. Each scanned image is analyzed to make sure that is an exact duplicate of the original
  • Optical Character Recognition:. Documents can go through the OCR process, making all text-searchable images
  • Output: All files will be delivered in DVD and stayed in
  • Secure Shredding:. GDC will hold all the physical files for a period of three months, then safely shred files
  • 2 hours SLA on file requests: While the files are being processed at GDC, if the client needs access to a document or file, GDC will email so holding the document or file to the client within 2 hours of the request.
  • Start now:. Contact us to learn more about our document scanning services