GDC will put your information to work

Since 1998 . . .

GDC is a service provider of document management and business integration solutions in Florida, USA. Our services include expertise in data capture, data conversion, specialized data analysis, database management, indexing and work flow solutions.

We provide the faster and more efficient data entry solution, processing, indexing and analysis services to our customers in many industries, including these and many more:

  • Banks anf Financial Institutions
  • Retail
  • Medical Research
  • Universities
  • Insurance company
  • Advertising
  • Database management - direct sales
  • Any kind of corporation

Nowadays any company knows that not just good service to retain their customers.
You have to know how to conquer them every single day, innovating, anticipating needs, creating a constant feeling of healthy expectation. GDC is a pioneer in providing a wide range of integrated technology services, ensuring a perfect joint between them and contributing decisively to the loyalty and winning customers, in various branches of activity.
With a Client Oriented culture, GDC favors the establishment of partnerships with companies, looking deeply know their realities and taking as Problem Solution Partner in all its phases.

Over the past 15 years GDC has developed solutions for several companies in various industries using our state-of-the-art software and highly qualified team of professionals.

We specialize in offering customized alternatives that enable our customers to outsource their origin, converting their data into valuable paper-based digital information - saving them time, money, effort and storage space.

Our facilities located in South Florida, provide one of the most cost-effective solutions for any data capture needs. Documents can be scanned locally, regionally or on your office. Digital images can be sent securely to data entry, eliminating the risk of missing documents and creating better response times.

We are able to perform data processing in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


  • ECM

7 principles that make the vision and mission of the GDC a reality

1) Profissionalism

Any internal or external action is carried out with absolute fidelity to our commitment to professionalism. Our customers can count on the service mark, respect and gratitude.

2) Customer Service

GDC is committed to ensuring that each interaction with the customer leaves one with a sense of confidence in our abilities, and the feeling of comfort in the knowledge that we take great pride in exceeding the expectations of our customers. GDC is not here to meet your expectations, we are here to overcome them.

3) Confidentiality and Security

IT processes and hosting of GDC are held in the strictest confidence. GDC has and will continue to invest to ensure that our policies and security measures will safeguard customer information.

4) Quality Control and Precision

GDC performs a series of quality and strict control checks, implemented to ensure that the customer receives exactly what you expect, the highest quality of service.

5) Skills improvement and knowledge

GDC strives to improve and enhance the skills and certifications of its members to better deal with the complexities of a changing market.

6) Valuer

GDC is committed to providing our services and quality products at an affordable price. This, combined with the quality control and delivery time makes us referênfia to our competitors.

7) Adaptability

GDC believes that there are two equal companies. So, GDC has situated to present the customer with a solution that is tailored to your specific needs.